Bhima Jewellery is having a legacy of 92 plus years of providing purest and trust worthy service to its customers which has been started by its Mentor and Founder Mr. Lakshmi Narayana Bhattar popularly known as BHIMA BHATTAR. The legacy is carried forward by our groups chairman Dr. B. Govindan. With the able and unmatched guidance and enthusiastic leadership qualities of our chairman along with the Managing Directors have made sure the legacy of our founder is still intact with the best of the service in the industry to its most valued treasures “The Customers”.

With the innovative ideas and caring attitude our Chairman have moved ahead with the legacy to open up new ventures in locations untamed by the industry with the standards, purity and customer service as the main focus. Bhima Group opened up their master showroom at Trivandrum under the tag name BHIMA JEWELLERY in the year 1992 at heart of Trivandrum city. With the corporate office at Trivandrum the management team has given a new look to the venture and an advanced customer service and modern outlook of marketing has been introduced in the market.

BHIMA under the guidance of Dr. B Govindan has been an organization which showcases the true sculpture of service whether it is towards employees or customers. For employees all the basic needs have been fulfilled namely transportation and food, also included is the lodging facility for all the employees who are in need of the facilities to avoid any inconvenience to the employees. For customers Bhima is providing 100 % hallmarked pure gold to all the customers at affordable prices to make sure the value for money is there for the customers. BHIMA provides 100% GIA & IGI certified Diamond Jewellery to the customers which mark the quality which satisfies the customers for the value of their money.

As BHIMA has considered all its employees as one big family it has been kept under strict rule that all the statutory needs of the employees are taken care of namely EPF, ESIC, Insurance with includes both medical as well as personal accidents and as a part of management initiative a welfare board has been initiated at branch level to make sure that all the basic and urgent needs of the employees have been taken care of. As per our Chairman, our employees and their experience is the strength and the backbone of our business, hence it’s the managements role to safeguard our people (our employees).

With our new initiative and futuristic ideas from our board we are hereby submitting our nomination for this year’s National Jewelry Award’s contention of Best Retail Single Store Award – South.

The Beginning

To provide quality gems,jewellery and lifestyle products that people cherish.


At Bhima, our vision is to be:

The world's finest jeweller,who the best understands,satisfies and exceeds products,service and aspirational needs of our customers,earning and retaining their loyalty and of their future generations.

The most valuable jeweller in the world in the eyes of our employees, our suppliers,our shareholder,and our community.

A progressive company that continuously improves adapts to situations,and is an extraordinary place to work in.

the leader and innovator in all our area of operation.

pure in what we sell,and in our thoughts,words and actions.